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Investment funds are designed to provide you with a wider range of investment opportunities, within an expert management structure at a cost lower than if you were to try and achieve the same results on your own. The assets of many different investors are pooled together, however you retain the ownership and control of your own shares.

Investment funds are ideal for those clients that are looking for an investment solution of a fire and forget nature, without the tailored solutions of our discretionary or advisory services, while still availing of the expertise of our investment professionals. They can also be suitable for those investors seeking access to particular investment classes that are not normally made available to retail investors.

The Advantages of Investment Funds
  • Expert management.You gain access to some of the most skilled investment professionals in the business. But these professionals do not act alone, they are also backed up by teams of research and analysis professionals that help them to identify and select the right opportunities.

  • Diversification.There are exceptions, but generally funds invest in a wide range of securities across market sectors, providing excellent levels of diversification. This protects you against any one entity or market sector from crashing. Essentially not putting all of your eggs in one basket.

  • Tax benefits.The exact tax reliefs available will depend on the particular fund, the manner of your investment, your objective and of course your legal country of residence.

  • Liquidity.For the most part, funds tend to be more liquid than the majority of individual equities.

  • Variety.Whether you are looking for a general investment vehicle, match an index or to specifically address a particular investment objective, there is a fund out there that will meet your requirements.

  • Access.As a small, retail investor, you may not be able to afford or have access to particular securities. By pooling your resources with other investors and assigning expert management, these investment and diversification opportunities open up to you.

  • Cost Averaging.For those funds that you contribute to regularly, you vastly reduce your exposure to market risk. By buying into the fund regularly, regardless of the markets performance on any particular day, you average out the costs of the funds constituent equities over time.