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For those of our clients that closely follow the financial markets and want to actively manage their own investments, our trading platform and dealing team can execute security buy and sell orders on your behalf in a traditional stockbroker environment.

Onex Busan Financial will provide you with access to our experienced team of qualified investment professionals. We have investment managers and stockbrokers that focus on all of the major and many of the minor markets around the world, so we can provide you with local expertise no matter the market you choose to invest in.

All of our investment professionals are deep students of their chosen markets and have access to all of Onex Busan Financials in house research, as well as that sourced externally through our global partners and affiliates. Our focus is on developing long term relationships built on success and mutual respect, built upon the foundation of high quality investment ideas that have been overseen by our security selection committee.

Through our stockbroker service, you can trade securities through the following markets and more :

  • North American, European & Asian Developed Markets

  • Emerging Markets

  • Developing Markets

  • International Bond Markets

  • Options and Derivatives

  • Unit trusts

  • Exchange Traded Funds

  • Open ended investment companies

  • Commodities Markets

  • Foreign Exchange

  • Alternative Developed Markets

Execution Only

Onex Busan Financials stockbroking execution only service is provided to those clients that want to avail of our first class execution facilities, while maintaining entire control and responsibility over their own assets and investment decisions. This is only recommended for those clients that are experienced traders

Onex Busan Financial will provide you with access to our leading investment data systems and our trading technology, enabling us to respond to your execution requests without any delay and with dexterity and efficiency in whatever market you choose to operate in.

Although you will have access to Onex Busan Financials extensive market research information, the recommendations that are derived from this research does not form part of this service.

Advisory Service

Onex Busan Financials stockbroking advisory solutions are provided to those clients that want to be actively involved in their investments, want to retain the final decision making power, manage their own portfolio and avail of our execution service, but also wish to avail of the expert advice from Onex Busan Financials team of experienced investment professionals.

We continually review and analyse the performance of your portfolio, working closely with you on all aspects, including its alignment with your stated financial objectives and attitude to risk. Our goal is to provide you with the reassurance and comfort that comes from working with a team of experienced investment professionals while enabling you to maintain control over your own financial assets.

Before we can begin to develop this advisory relationship, we undergo a comprehensive discovery process to completely understand you, your financial circumstances, objectives, investment beliefs and attitude to risk, as well as your level of knowledge and experience of investing and the markets. With this bedrock of understanding, we can assure that you receive the best possible advice to suit your individual requirements and objectives.

Specialist Offerings

Fixed Income

Onex Busan Financial has several prominent fixed income teams that specialize in an array of mainstream and alternative fixed income securities, with these multi-asset facilities providing us with a key advantage over our industry competitors. Fixed income opportunities that align with your financial objectives can be discussed with your Account Manager.

Active Security Dealing

While times of uncertainty and market volatility present great challenges, they can also present great opportunities. Onex Busan Financial has teams in place to identify and take advantage of such opportunities and working with your Account Manager we can identify those that can support your financial objectives.

Institutional Trading

Onex Busan Financial does not just serve retail investors, providing technology solutions, liquidity, foreign exchange and anonymous trade execution services for financial institutions.

Corporate Investment Schemes

Onex Busan Financials Corporate Investment team provides brokerage and investment solutions to corporations and their employees. We partner directly with the corporation, their employee benefits or third party administrator.